protez saç Poly Brushed Carpet Washing Machine
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Poly Brushed Carpet Washing Machine

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Poly-brushed carpet washing machines are produced for special orders. There are three models with 2700, 3200 and 4200 mm using area. Poly brushed carpet washing machines are used in some regions and some countries with a lot of carpet dirtyness and the places that carpets are not frequently washed. There are 12 brushed, 18 brushes, 24 brushed and 26 brushed models. Also, poly-brushed carpet washing machines are able to brush all different carpet types. These machines have both cylinder and disc brushes at the same time. Cylinder brushes removes all feather-like materials out of carpet. Poly-brushes carpet washing machine has different brush alternatives such as soft, strong and ultra-strong. With 20 special program, you won’t waste water and shampoo for no reason. This machine has more performance than our other machines: ER 6000 carpet washing machine, ER 5000 carpet washing macine and ER 4000 carpet washing machine. You can wash carpets with more performance and less time with this machine.