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 As you see above, all of our machines' designs and patents belong to Ergin Machinery. Unfortunately, there is an increase of labor thieves in carpet cleaning machines sector. Although we have patent for all machines, they are copied by thieves who just tries to be rich. We especially respect people who produces their own machines without copying others. And we respect to carpet washers who do their business with their own labor. From construction workers to turners, from turners to carpet cleaners, from carpet washers to ordinary people, everyone started to build carpet washing machines. However, as we mentioned above, some thieves are trying to steal from our half a century time labor. Those thieves are not just stealing from us, they are also stealing from carpet cleaners' labor. Because they produce machines for high profit. However, their machines have low performance with low technology. We strongly suggest carpet cleaners to be informed about carpet washing machines and stay away from labor thieves. Otherwise, carpet cleaners will be aggrieved by amateur machine manufacturing thieves. W e will keep all of our rights reserved and we will do everything legally basis to save both our and carpet washers' labor. Announcement for carpet cleaners.