protez saç Carpet Washing Machine
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Carpet Washing Machine

 carpet washing machine

 There're a lot of companies for the machines in the sector. We kindly suggest everyone who wants to be involved with carpet washing must pay attention to the details. 

 Automatic carpet washing machine doesn't mean to getting water and chemicals above and getting carpet brushed. As you know, there're a lot of programs in laundry machine for different kinds of clothes. Carpet washing machines must also have different programs for different carpets. Each kind of carpet must have its own program. All of the textile washing machines, textile painting machines and laundry machines on the world are made stainless steel. That's why carpet washing machine must be made of stainless steel and all of our carpet washing machines are made of stainless steel.

 Ninety percent of the shampoos and detergents that used in carpet washing are chemicals. Chemicals are the biggest enemy of iron, paint and galvanized materials. Carpet shampoo and detergents rot an iron machine easily and they get the machine broken. However, stainless steel(304 quality CrNi) can perfectly resist to all chemicals used in carpet washing. The best example of this is your washing machine at your house. If you open it, you'll see that it's internal drum is made of stainless steel too. And your machine may resist all the chemicals for at least 10-20 years. Therefore, carpet washing machine is made of stainless steel.