protez saç To the Attention of Carpet Washers
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To the Attention of Carpet Washers

carpet washer

 Nowadays, lots of washing machine manufacturers build simple machines that just pur carpets water and detergant, brushing it randomly. But an automatic carpet washing machine must give pressurized water, detergants for suitable conditions and brush the carpets properly, depending on dirtyness of the carpet and its features. However, carpet washers who are new, don't know this important subject because they don't make detailed searchings.

 Later, they feel regretful for buying the wrong machine. There are tens of examples. Carpet washers don't have enough information about carpet washing machines because they usually focus to carpet washing. Machines those are made of galvanize and iron are being rotten by cleaning chemicals, water and other cleaning products in short time. And the carpet washers who doesn't pay attention to those details and not-informed send their machines to junkyard in a year. As we told before in our Carpet Washing Machine article, carpet washing machine has to be made of INOX Cr-Ni 304 quality stainless steel all the time. This is one of the most important factors why professional carpet washers choose Ergin Machinery.

A carpet washer must know which machine he or she must start with. A carpet washing machine and a carpet drying machine are the machines we suggest for a new company. Later and in the long term, carpet dust removing machine and carpet packing machine must be added to this group.