protez saç Tips About Carpet Washing
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Tips About Carpet Washing

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 There're thousands of carpet washing stations on the world. But how to clean carpets? How to keep them alive for a long time?

 You shouldn't whisk, beat or vacuum them everyday. You shouldn't contact any material hotter than 50 celcius with carpet. 

 Don't leave carpets you washed in wet condition. You must dry it in a proper way. Carpet fibers' colors will be faded if put under the sun directly for a long time. If your carpet is under direct sunlight in home, we suggest you to change its place oftenly. Never dry your carpet under the sun. After washing, use your carpet only if it's completely dry. If any liquid has been poured on the carpet, clean its surface with a paper towel or vacuum. 

 Better make sure that your carpets are in a hygenic condition. During carpet cleaning, you have to use carpet shampoo and carpet washing machine. If you want a long-term usable carpet, do not fold or bend it ever. Always keep it rolled unless you use it.