protez saç What Must You Pay Attention When You Buy Carpet Washing Machines
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What Must You Pay Attention When You Buy Carpet Washing Machines

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Do not forget that, we need to pay attention to certain points, while buying carpet washing machines.

1: Carpet cleaning machines have to be manufactured from stainless steel.

Unfortunately customers whom are not aware of other manufacturers are mislead by low price trap, buying cheap iron or galvanized machines which are definitely rushed in one of one and half a year.

2: Carpet washing machines have to contain no parts imported from China and made in China, especially in electrical system and engine.

Constant and chronic problems of these parts, bring a lot of trouble for carpet washers. Although they have warranty, their performance, quality and productivity is still way too weak.

3: Carpet washing machines have to be able to be programmed for each and every carpet type.

As you know, in the market, there are dozens of varieties of carpets, various sizes and features. For this reason the machine you buy have to be able to wash all these carpets.

4: Brush count, function and quality for the machine is imporant.

The brushes that in the machine must be chosen with care. Remember, how many brush to use, this brush hardness and fineness and etc. does matter. 

5: After sales services.

Maintenance, technical serivce and care is as important as buying a carpet washing machine. As Ergin Machinery, our crew installs the machine to the location you request, trains you in use of the machines and professional carpet cleaning.