protez saç Ergin Automatic Carpet Washing Machine
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Ergin Automatic Carpet Washing Machine

 brand new carpet washing machine, carpet cleaning machine
 We have produced Ergin Carpet Washing Machine 2015 version. This machine is completely made of stainless steel, like our machines we have produced before. As we have mentioned in our other articles, we never produce machines from galvanize or iron.
 We put a lot of effort while producing 2015 Ergin carpet washing machine; made a great determination of 15 - 20 years, planned to make the machines able to work for long years in the worst conditions in neat details. 2015 Ergin carpet washing machine mostly caters to expert and professional carpet washers and cleaners. This machine makes a big difference as it's able to wash all the carpets in the world: with a lot of alternatives and differences both in Turkey and in the world.  
 This machine has 12 disc brushes and 1 cylinder brush on it with 2 pressurized water with go-come technology system and additional another go-come system. According to this, rear washing, rear cleaning and automatic roling system prepares the carpet for centrifugal drying. Those 12 disc brushes have 50 cm diameter. Again, the brushes cleans the carpet according to carpets' condition with soft, medium and strong brushes automaticly depending to carpet type and carpet size. And cylinder brush removes any material on the carpet, feathers, hairs etc. deeply, with go-come system and pressurized water.
 Ergin automatic carpet washing machine 2015 is also eco-friendly like the machines we produce. It saves from electric power, water and workforce. As you see in our website, reductors, engines and other electric parts on the machine are isolated to save those parts from water and chemicals. And that means using of the machine for long years, durability.
 There are five using areas for this machine: 2200 mm, 2700 mm, 3200 m, 4200 mm, 5200 mm. Thus, wherever in the world, and all conditions taken into consideration, all carpets can be washed with this machine. As it's completely automatic and PLC systemed with around 20 different programs in total, it can be optionally produced with touchstreen or manual. The programs we mentioned are dependent on to carpet thickness, touchness type and structural features. It works as a washing machine at home, selecting the carpet on the screen, and the machine does rest of the work in the best condition.