protez saç Hypo and Caustic Soda in Carpet Washing
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Hypo and Caustic Soda in Carpet Washing

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What is Hypo?

 Especially hypo or sodium thiosulfate, has been used in the whole world, unfortunately. This chemical named hypo, as we all know, it's extract of bleach. Therefore, hypo is definitely forbidden for washing sector in a lot of European countries.

In Which Conditions and Whom May Hypo Affect?

 As ordinary carpet shampoos are likely to make a lot of damage to carpets, hypo does so. When hypo is used without knowledge or in wrong ways, it doesn't only affect carpet but also all livings. Hypo must be rinsed very well. If not, as you know, kids and babies in households, while playing on the carpet, hypo and hypo leavings, start to condensation, and spread carcinogen matters all over the house and everyone.  

Does Hypo Only Damage to Livings?

 It's harmful, not only for people, but for all livings and also your carpet washing machine. During carpet washing, the person who operates the machine gets most affected. The best symptom of this would be that he or she will have a burning feeling inside his or her nasal fossa. Hypo, is a volatile matter. As it affects bearrings, reductors, electric parts directly, it will reduce the strenght of materials, losing its long term using. 

Which Products Should I Use?

 As different cleaning products that we use in home are tested, evaluated and confirmed that its harmless by authorized experts in scientific ways, carpet detergents that we use must be confirmed so. And cleaners must buy their products from institutionalized, reliable, dcertificated and qualified companies. Carpet shampoo shall not harm to people and nature. We have stated this and more in our Choice of Carpet Shampoo article. 
 If we underline our words again, caustic soda and hypo damage to your health, nature, carpets, machines, and people that brought you their carpets for washing when used without knowledge. If Europe forbids use of such a matter for washing, they imply that hypo is such a harmful and carcinogen matter. 

 As Ergin Machinery, we would like to emphasize this. Carpet washers must definitely have knowledge when buying both machine and carpet shampoo. None shall buy any product for benefit only. Carpet cleaners must refrain from misled selling and using of those materials. They must know that it harms to themselves and nature around them . The purpose of us writing this article, is to inform new entrepreneurs in carpet washing sector.