protez saç Maintenance of Carpet Washing Machine
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Maintenance of Carpet Washing Machine

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1. About maintenance and cleaning of carpet washing machines with 304 quality CrNi INOX main body.

 Carpet washing machines are always in places where they get affected from water and chemicals. Therefore, after carpet washing operation completed, carpet washing machines’ main muts be cleaned from chemicals, carpet shampoos and other materials. As known by many people, carpet washing machines have to be made of 304 quality stainless steel, we had explained why in our previous article about carpet washing machine.

 Unless all the materials on carpet cleaning machine such as dust, carpet leftovers and other materials are cleaned and removed off the machine, those materials will interact with the chemicals and create a cancer for 304 quality stainless steel. All the body of carpet cleaning machine must be cleaned very well. You may use Windows remover, clean water and a clean and soft cloth. However, the best way to clean 304 quality CrNi INOX is to use stainless maintenance spray. As long as main body is clean, stainless steel will never be affected badly from chemicals and water, it’ll keep being like new. But if there’s no maintenance made, chemicals and dust will mix with carpet leftovers. This will make carpet cleaning machine very bad looking. At the same time, hard water will also stick on the machine and keep being there.

 Carpet washing machine must be cleaned at least once a week. So, unless any of those steps are missed, the machine will be prevented from any visual damage. This will make the machine durable for decades.

2. About maintenance and cleaning of pneumatic and mechanic parts

 The parts that maket the machine work bearrings and pneumatic system must also kept cleaned very well, this is one of the most critical points. There are also special spots on the machine for greasing. Those spots has to be greased once in three months, considering that machine works all the time. Therefore, keeping a greasing pump with the machine is definitely important.

3. About cooling weather and carpet washing machine maintenance

 When temperature goes below 0 celsius, there’s risk of freezing of materials inside water pump, chemical pump etc. All the current equipments must be emptied from the pumps when the machine is off and not used. If this is forgotten, pumps will crack like water meter, the same thing will occur. Therefore, those equipments must be kept in suggested methods.

4. Cleaning of conveyor  belt

Cleaning of conveyor belt is also one of the most important points.

 There are small pores on conveyor belt. Those pores are being filled with carpet leftovers and carpet feathers. If this is missed, it’ll leave a bad look on the belt along with a bad smell. That’s why conveyor belt must be cleaned with pressurized water after carpet washing operation completed. Additionally, the cylinder that makes conveyor belt spin has to be cleaned as well. Because, carpet leftovers and feathers will stuck there, damaging the belt. After that, conveyor belt will start to slide. This is one of the very critical and missed points. Under the belt has to be cleaned and rinsed very well.

5. Earthing

 All the machines must be earthed and this must be checked frequently. Please do not start the machines without earthing.

As Ergin Machinery, we train all our carpet washer customers for maintenance of carpet washing machines with our Professional team for no charge. Giving special tips also in our periodic maintenance that will make carpet cleaning machines more durable is very important for us.