Quality Control of Carpets that are Washed in Machines

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Manual washing and washing with carpet washing machine

 It's a known fact that, in automatic carpet washing machines, washers save from workforce, water, electric, chemicals and time. However, quality control in carpet washing is an extremely important subject.
 During manual washing of carpets on floor, brushing process takes around 10 - 15 minutes at least. People can see the stains, dirts and greased places on the carpets, follow and remove them. In those 10 - 15 minutes, stabborn stains go into cleaning period. However, on automatic carpet washing machines, carpets gets completely washed in 3 minutes maximum. That time may not be enough for stabborn stains and dirts. Therefore, those problems on carpets must be solved with different special stain and dirt removers. With this method, carpet will be completely clean. Carpets which being waited on floor for 10 - 15 minutes during washing period vs. 3 minutes on the automatic carpet washing machine may result senseless removing of stubborn stains.
 Another important subject about quality control is that along with stubborn stains removed from carpet, the chemicals that are used for cleaning of the carpets must also be rinsed well. The only solution for this is to have a very powerful professional automatic carpet washing machine with pressured rinsing system.

Carpet rinsing and customer satisfaction

 Carpets that are not very well rinsed, will result some problems due to chemicals in time. Carpet will start to get deformed, matted and harder.
 As long as quality control is made regularly, and all important points have been checked, if there are any stains on the carpet, those must be removed within a second procedure before reaching to customer. After the professional work done on carpets and in healthy conditions, as a result, when carpet reaches to its owner, the difference will be obvious. Plainly, customer will notice the difference of professional cleaning in a very short time. As there are no stains on the carpet and it's like new, the result would be a definitely positive feedback, and a new customer. As competition goes too fast in carpet cleaning sector, this is one of the most important factor to get customers.