protez saç Aquaculture and Fishing Net Washing Machine
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Aquaculture and Fishing Net Washing Machine

fishing net washing machine

Fishing Net Washing History in Turkey 

 In aquaculture and fishing industry, fishing net washing machine is a must. Especially in Turkey, there have been culture fish being raised for nearly 25 years. In summary, the first farms were created in small coves. 

 In our region, Agean Coast, Güllük, Güvercin and surrounding coves with Urla, Seferihisar, Karaburun, Çeşme were the most critical locations for aquaculture. Those small farms grew up into pentagons and hexagons. Later, there were Ocean class cages. At those times, fishing net washing machines were very useful and every farm needed one at least.

Inventing of Fishing Net Washing Machine 

 Later, it was mentioned in many places that coves are getting dirty. Those farms had to move away from coves. They were placed in open seas and aquaculture has kept growing. From first years to now, fishing net washing machines have evaluated from small to bigger. At first, there were only 6 m3 machines. As demand has increased, new machines with bigger capacities had to be made. 8, 12, 18, 20, 24, 30 m3 capacities have been new technologies. With that, th machines have got more depth and diameter, along with new technologies. Many small cove farms left their places to ultra fishing farms. That resulted monopoly in the sector.

 The reason that fishing net washing machines have made is that as the nets move further away from land, aquaculture and fishing industry companies have to clean their nets more often, due to dirtiness both by mussels and seaweeds. As nets' pores are being closed by those, fish can't get enough breath. With that, nets must be washed and cleaned frequently. Certainly, painting of fishing nets is also very important. Therefore, fishing net washing machine is a must in every farm.

 As we mentioned above, all farms used to have one machine at least. As technology develops and the sector grows, there are new provider, maintainer and fishing net companies. And increasing sizes of cages up to 30 m3 resulted new needs. When producing fishing net washing machines, there must be enough knowledge about weight, capacity, power, in summary: experience and professionalism is needed to produce such machines. In another way, as volume increases, more latest technology, more qualified materials are needed. This is the only rule to produce high performance and high quality machines.

Fishing Net Washing Machines Today

 Many machines that are produced without proper information, led monopoly in the fishing net washing machines sector. Some of the problems of those machines are: reductor fail, axle damage, misbalance of RPM and etc. Those problems lead aquaculture firms loss of time. Like in every sector, here also, people with wrong information attempt to manufacture machines. Unfortunately, fishing net washers usually spend their time with fixing the macihnes instead of fishing net washing.

 Without quality, reliablility, R&D and experience, people will always face ordinary machines. However, supplier firms must be informed as much as fishing net washers. We write this article because, supplier companies usually work intenationally and it has a lot of reason why experts must be involved with machine manufacturing only. Low quality machines are huge problems for international sales. Our country, Turkey, must be represented with the best products every time.

Ergin Machinery and Fishing Net Washing Machines

 As ERGIN Machiner, we have been producing washing machines for half a century and fishing net washing machines for 25 years. In the world and in our country, misinformed companies produce iron and epoxy machines to cost less and make more profit. However, sea water rusts iron and galvanize very quickly. Fishing net washing machines have to be made of INOX 304 or 316 stainless steel.

 We also produce fishing net washing machines to supplier firms of aquaculture and fishing industry sectors in Turkey. Those supplier firms are not only active in Turkey, but also in Russia, Korea Greece, Italy, South Africa and a lot of Arabic countries.