protez saç Requirements For A Profitable Carpet Washing Company
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Requirements For A Profitable Carpet Washing Company

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 Nowadays, it’s clear that amount of carpet washing companies are increasing very fast and they are trying different methods to be permanent in the sector. However, 85 percent of all enterprises shut their business in first 4 years. The companies which are successful, can convert 40 – 50 percent of their total revenue to profit.

Land For Carpet Washing Companies

 First of all, minimum recommended area for a carpet washing place in around 150 m2.  It’s the best choice if it’s on the ground floor or in a seperate building. This area is required for carpet washing, carpet drying, carpet dust removing and carpet packing.

Electricity For Carpet Washing Companies

 The required electricity for this area would be 380 V industrial electricity. 380 V may increase or decrease by %25 percent. In this case, the machine can balance itself. However, the percent exceeds, there will be some problems. Those problems happen in regions where insufficient infrastructure for electricity exists. This damages the carpet washing machine badly because the machines are equipped with the latest technology electric and PLC systems. Also, carpet washing factories must also have earthing system.

Water For Carpet Washing Companies

 Accession to artesian water can make a big difference for the companies which are existing in their areas. Percentage of lime can is also a very critical factor. Because lime can make carpets less softer and change their colors. In the long term, lime can also be a technical problem for the macines. In this respect, softeners and lime removers must be used. Filters and purification systems for water must be preffered if the water containts a lot of lime. Use of artesian water can decrease the costs very much. Additionally, you’ll also need a water tank. Water is one the most important capitals in cleaning sector.

Air For Carpet Washing Companies

 There must be a compressor in every carpet washing facility. A lot of machines with new Technologies need air pressured systems. Additionally, compressor is a good, fast, smart and easy choice for cleaning and maintenance of carpet washing machine.

Population For Carpet Washing Companies

 Population of the town which carpet washing place will be established must be 15.000 at least. Other things required about the population would be the following: cleaning culture, whether cleaning of carpets is accepted as a part of cleaning and amount of visits to other people such as relatives, neighbors. In the places where cleaning is important, of course, carpets will be washed more often.

Machines For Carpet Washing Companies

 In the first stage, there must be a carpet washing machine and a carpet drying machine. If the company keeps their actions successfully, an investment for a carpet dust removing machine and a carpet packing machine can be made. In time, with the progressive experience and customers, the carpet cleaning company will reach its optimum level. After that, you can look for new areas for investment.

Marketing For Carpet Washing Companies

 You should choose your marketing strategy very well. A lot of carpet washing services fail in this matter, as they prefer cliché and low quality advertisements and have low customer satisfaction. We must tell this very honestly, old school brochures and papers lose their effectiveness day by day. Instead of that, you may choose social media or website advertisements, they are much cheaper and boost your success more. As you guess, people are looking at their phones instead of streets now.