protez saç Carpet Washing and Marketing
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Carpet Washing and Marketing

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 As we already mentioned in our previous article, marketing in carpet washing is one of the best ways to the success. Many companies lack skills and stay far too behind in advertising. Area, water, electric, carpet washing machine can be some of the most obligatory needings, but marketing is also as important as those. Marketing gives you a dominating advantage against other companies. We also mentioned that old school marketing strategies are losing their efectiveness day by day and there are new strategies emerging.

First Steps

 As a good start, we advise you to create a Facebook page to promote your business in the easiest and the cheapest way. From there, you can tag your customers, send them pictures and videos about how you wash the carpets, and make them share those contents with their friends. That way, you can get customers by references and Facebook sharing. Also, that’ll increase your Facebook page optimization.

Keeping it Up

 Secondly, you can create a website of your company and share a lot of information about your business. Carpets, price per squaremeter, commercial information and other interactive solutions that will make difference among other carpet washers. Keeping your website updated is critical. And having a high rank on Google results is about how optimized your pages are for search engines.

Critical Points

 Adding your company to Maps by Google, will make you appear nearby or local search results. That way, when customers search for a carpet washing company, the nearby results will show up on the map. If you’re the closest one, you’ll probably appear on the top of the whole list.

Finding New Alternatives

 You should promote your business on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and etc, not only on Google and Facebook. Because, those websites will increase your opimization and popularity. That’ll also boost your image.

 If you keep doing these in a good and regular way, your company will definitely make a lot of difference among the others, and demand to your services will surely increase fast.