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Ergin's in Jordan!

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carpet washing machine in Jordan

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  A new carpet washer in Jordan, Ali Falah Ali Alomyan has chosen Ergin Machinery. He created his full set by choosing Ergin ER 6000 Full Automatic Carpet Washing Machine, Ergin HSM 4200 Carpet Spin Drainer, Ergin HSM 2700 Carpet Extracting Machine, Ergin HSM 1200 Textile Extracting Machine, Ergin YM 30 Kg Textile Washing Machine and Ergin TM 2700 Carpet Dusting Machine. His machines' installations were made by Ergin Machinery technical support team. Furthermore, he's also trained in professional carpet washing. Our team has given those services free of charge. 

 We wish great success for our first customer in Jordan, Ali Falah Ali Alomyan and thank him for choosing Ergin Machinery.