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Ergin's in Germany

carpet washing machinecarpet dusting machine 

 Ergin Machinery designed a brand new special ER 2016 Full Automatic Carpet Washing Machine and an HTM 3200 Carpet Dusting Machine. ER 2016 Carpet Washing Machine has 8 disc and 1 cylinder brushes. And HTM 3200 Carpet Dust Removing Machine is full automatic, which makes it the first of its kind in the world.

 Our customer Mr. Amir Olyai did not want to hold a lot of weight and he has been working with a lot of different equipments. Therefore, we had to design the machines with new systems so that he can use the machines with ease. Ergin Machinery made the first in the world again: After the washing period, carpets are placed on the trolley automaticly and the machines’ height can be adjusted. Those are just  some of the upgrades that we made. Mr. Amir Olyai’s company is one of the oldest carpet trading, carpet repairing and carpet caring shops in Europe. Hence, he was looking for the machine which can wash Persian, Pakistani, Afghani and Indian carpets the best way. As our machines are compatible with all the carpets in the world, his choice was not difficult at all. We also put options to switch to two different shampoos and clockwise and counter clockwise brush rotation options. And the full automatic carpet dusting machine has automatic rolling and placing on the trolley system, along with carpets returning to the same point.  

 The installation and training of the machines were given by Ergin Machinery. We wish Mr. Amir Olyai good luck in his business and thank him for choosing Ergin Machinery.