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Ergin's in Poland

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Pralnia Super Standard Carpet Washing Co. from Poland, Gdansk has chosen Ergin Machinery's ER 4000 Full Automatic Carpet Washing Machine. Our customer, Mr. Przemyslaw Wisniakowski found us on the internet and he was very well informed both about carpet washing and the machines since he read many articles we have written on our website. He has been very sure about his choice because of our trustworthy and professional etiquettes. He did not even feel like he needed to see us face to face in Turkey. Although we have never spoken face to face, after we answered all his questions regarding to carpet washing machines and carpet washing by e-mail, he decided to send the advance payment to begin the manufacturing. The machine has some exclusive options for Polish carpets. This carpet washing machine has 8 disc brushes, one cylinder brush and one bottom brush, along with go come system and 3,2 m using width. Our customer owns one of the biggest carpet washing centers in Poland. Furthermore, with this investment, he's also looking forward to wash carpets from other Baltic countries such as Latvia and Lithuania. 

 The installation and training of the machines were given by Ergin Machinery. We wish Mr. Przemyslaw Wisniakowski good luck in his business and thank him for choosing Ergin Machinery.