protez saç Instructions for Carpet Drying Machine
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Instructions for Carpet Drying Machine

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1. The machine has to be grounded.

2. The surface where the machine is placed has to be in balance.

3. The feet of the machine have to be mounted to the ground with bolts as shown in the picture.

4. The engine has to spin in the arrow’s direction(left/counter-clockwise)

5. The machine must not be started with its hatch open.

6. The hatch must not be opened unless the machine stops completely.

7. Carpets have to be rolled very properly before placing inside the machine.

8. After carpets are washed, the carpets must not be kept outside for too long. They must be placed inside the centrifugal immediately.

9. Extremely thin carpets have to be placed as shown in the picture.

10. The machine must not be placed on marble, tile or slippery surface.

11. Do not turn on and off the machine often. It will damage the engine.

12. Only trained employees can operate the machine. Ergin Machinery does not take any responsibility and not liable for any damage caused by untrained employees.

13. All the airbags must be in equal level.

14. The compressor has to be on all the time as the machine works. 

15. The machine should be lubricated weekly as needed by the lubricating tubes on the back side of the machine.

16. If the machine vibrates or shakes very strongly when started, please stop the machine. In that case, please check whether the carpet has begun to open or not. There can be four reasons:

            - The carpet is extremely thin (Rule 9)

            - The carpet has been placed in opposite direction(Rule 4)

            - The carpet has not been rolled properly (Rule 7)

            - The carpet has not been placed inside the machine in a short time and kept outside(Rule 8)