protez saç Instructions for Carpet Washing Machine
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Instructions for Carpet Washing Machine

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1. The machine has to be grounded. Make sure electric connections are fine and connected correctly and the voltage values are near the usual level.

2. If the voltage goes too high or too low, the machine will go into safe mode. If you ignore high amount of voltage changes in the long run, some electrical parts can be damaged. This will cause imbalance in the mechanical parts of the machine. To stop instability with the voltage, please use a voltage stabilizer(regulator). 

3. Check both water and air connections. Never run the machine without water or air. Otherwise, water and air systems may get damaged. Make sure that air pressure is 7 BARs.

4. Make sure that there’s no strong, sharp, dirty or chemical materials around the conveyor belt and the brushes. Those can damage the mechanical parts of the machine in the long run.  If there are such materials, please shut down the machine and clean the conveyor belt and the brushes.

5. Please wear plastic or working boots and gloves. Keep the protecting hatch on the rear side of the machine closed while the machine is working.

6. Do not start the machine when the weather is too icy. Do not forget to empty the water inside the pump. When restarting the machine, wait for ice inside the pumps and around the conveyor belt to melt.

7. Fringed carpets shouldn’t be placed together with the normal carpets. Fringed carpets must be washed in FRINGED mode, and normal carpets must be washed in NORMAL mode.

8. When placing and washing carpets serially, there must be at least 20 cm space between each carpet.

9. Please ensure that carpets are in the middle and straight.

10. You can place smaller carpets of the same type and thickness together, next to eachother. Make sure they are both placed accordingly.

11. Do not place different type, thickness or lenght carpets together.

12. Do not switch the program during a carpet is washed.

13. Do not wash problematic and damaged carpets.

14. If the conveyor belt slightly slides to left or right, pull the rolling pins under the machine to the appropriate direction.

15. Change the brush pressure depending on the carpet thickness, do not force the carpet pressing regulator too much.

16. Turn the disc brush turning direction switch once a week to extend the life span of the brushes.

17. Do not touch the working parts on the machine.

18. If there’s something unusual with the software, press STOP or EMERGENCY STOP button for three seconds. The machine will be reset.

19. Wash shaggy type of carpets and rugs in “Shaggy” mode with a bar pressure between 2 – 3 bars.

20. If you have a problem with the machine that you cannot solve, please do not hesitate to contact Ergin Washing Machines L.L.C.

Cleaning and Maintaining The Machine

1. You can decrease the destiny of usual maintenance if you are not going to start the machine often during a period.

2. Do not damage the brushes, rollers or sensors during the maintenance.

3. Do not step on the conveyor belt during the maintenance.

4. In time, the nozzles may lose their actual angle. That’s because there can be dirt around or inside them. Do not forget to check and clean them regularly. You should attach a water filter and air filter if it’s happening often.

6. Check the air pressure conditioner grease level often.

 Do not intervene to electrical and mechanical parts of the machine without our notice. If you do not follow the instructions above, the machine will be out of warranty.