protez saç Carpet Washing Machine - ER 2000
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Carpet Washing Machine - ER 2000

carpet washing machine 

Technical Features

• Model :  ER 2000

• Lenght : 4500mm

• Width : 3500 mm

• Height : 1600 mm

• Power of Engine: 14 kw

• Weight: 3000 kg

• Production: 125 m2/ Hour

 It is described to be high production user friendly and environmentally concious. It  saves water, energy, labor, and various chemicals (hypo Carpet Shampoo, etc..)   It is capable of making a lot function automatically. All parts are made of steel AISI 304 stainless Cr-Ni. Brushes and the different angles thanks to its transactions with the waters penetrated into the carpet of sand particles, dust and feathers clean to the point of the bottom. Great pressure from different angles during the rinse cycle of all chemicals to purify water the carpet.