protez saç Carpet Washing Machine - ER 5000
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Carpet Washing Machine - ER 5000

 carpet washing machine, carpet cleaning machine

 ER 5000 Automatic Washing Machine has been produced with 30 years experience by Ergin Machine. As a result it has become in the rapidly advancing towards a global brand. Our machines have a different system from this sector and have high technologics, user-friendly and easy to use, so all the world prefer our machines. As a result our machines consume few water and electricity.

Dirt, dust and impurities are expelled quickly with the in depth effect by the roller-type brushes. Detergent and pressurized water are given to surface of the carpet by go / come system. In this way, dirt, dust and impurities are expelled completely from the carpet surface. According to carpet size, brush’s pressure is adjusted automatically by our machine. According to thin carpet ot thick carpet, you don’t require to make separete action. Go / come system and brushes are sensitive for carpet. System doesn’t work without carpet. If the carpet isn’t given by you, system stop automatically. This feature provides water, electricity and detergent savings. Machine wash stages respectively; detergent giving, pre-wash, main wash rinse the back surface ( chemical purification ), roll making, rinse the back surface and wash. In the manufacturing of machine parts are used AISI 304 stainless CrNi ( Chromium ) materails. In this way, against water and chemical are provided resistance for whole system of machine by chromium materials. All electrical connections on machines and engines are located in the body. Thus electrical connections, the engine is protected from the adverse effects of water and moisture. All the workers are protected also features from the risks of accident by this machine.

ER 5000 was designed for high production capacity, user-friedly and be environmentally conscious which provides water, electricity and detergent savings. Automating many functions is used. All machines are quarantee for 2 years. They have ISO 9001 and CE certificates. Montage and installing belong to Ergin Machine.


Carpet Washing Machine - ER 5000

Width: 5000 mm
Length: 3500 mm
Heigth: 2000 mm
Carpet Width: 4000 mm
Band Width: 4000 mm
Brush - Diameter: 
8 disc brush (450 mm diameter)
2 cylinder brush (270 mm diameter) (3000 mm width)
80-120 bar compressed washing and go-come pump
Band Width: 1,5-6 m/minute
Total Engine Power: 18 kW
Control Panel: Touchscreen, PLC control, manuel
Waste of Water: 16-36 L/minute
Usage: Full Automatic (12 different program up to carpet's feature)
Weight: 2250 kg
Material: 304 quality inox stainless steel (CrNi)