protez saç Carpet Washing Machine - ER 6000
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Carpet Washing Machine - ER 6000

carpet washing machine, rug washing machine 

 Our newest carpet washing machine, ER 6000!

 Our carpet washing machine ER 6000 Model, high tecnology product and designed with ER 3000 'combinations by produced Ergin Machine is  the full automatic and high performance carpet washing machine.  Four  items rotary brushes used  in carpet  preliminary machine serve for shampooing and scrubing. Afterwards, the roller brushes, which are produced in automatic carpet washing machine, become a part of an activity. Roller brushes make respectively pre-washing, main washing,pre-rinsing, back-washing and also last rising and swiping is made with water which is between 80-120 bar. Finally, carpet is prepeared  as roll for wringing.


Carpet Washing Machine - ER 6000

Width: 3350 mm
Length: 3350 mm
Heigth: 2000 mm
Carpet Width: 2600 mm
Band Width: 2700 mm
Brush - Diameter: 
6 disc brush (450 mm diameter)
2 cylinder brush (270 mm diameter) (2600 mm width)
80-120 bar compressed washing and go-come pump
Band Width: 1,5-6 m/minute
Total Engine Power: 15 kW
Control Panel: Touchscreen, PLC control, manuel
Waste of Water: 12-26 L/minute
Usage: Full Automatic (12 different program up to carpet's feature)
Weight: 1800 kg
Material: 304 quality inox stainless steel (CrNi)