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Our products are listed here

Carpet Washing Machine - ER 3000

 carpet washing machine, rug washing machine

 Located on the roller-type brushes,  ıt throws within the carpet from dirt, dust and foreign matter out quickly. It gives pressured water on the surface of  carpet with  go/come system, Our machine is making carpet, carpet cleaning at the beginning of the genus, according to the degree of contamination, detergent, chemical makes the selection. 

 Thickness of the brush the carpet to be cleaned regardless of the machine automatically adjusts the pressure of brushes. You don't have to apply another action according to thin or thick carpets . Go / come system, and brushes are sentitive for carpets cleaned. The system does  not work without carpet. Go left behind in the carpet stops automatically. Go/Come brushes behind in the carpet stop automatically in case of not given carpets.

 This feature supply water, electricity and detergent- saving. ER 3000 arranges amounts of water  and detergent consumption the size of the  according to size of carpet.Machine washing stages respectively; detergent making,pre-wash, main wash rinse the front surface (chemical extraction), to roll, the back surface cleaning and rinsing. Washing of the final stage of the carpet in 100 ~ 200 bar and the pressure of water and chemicals, foam, and carpet shampoo removes the best way, but also serves as a squeegee. Water pressure can be adjusted to the desired.

 The back surface of the carpet again, giving the desired pressure water washed and rinsing of the best. Manufacture of machine parts in AISI 304 quality stainless CrNi (Chromium) material is used. All systems in the chemical and water resistance of this machine makes it unique. 


Why is Roll Type Brush ?

 Roll-type brushes  have longer life than circular brushes. Dirt, dust and impurities are expolled quickly with the in depth effect by the roller-type brushes. Carpet’s hair and bottom surface of carpet with deep impact are combed by roller-type brushes.

Why are rinse with pressure water and rake?

 The last stage of washing, rinsing and carpet  rake are the process. Target of using pressured water, all cleared the carpets are provided  to refine from chemicals and detergents and are made a thorough rinse. In this way, carpet shines.

Why are motors in body?

All electrical connections on machines and engines  are located in the body. Thus electrical connections, the engine is protected from the adverse effects of water and moisture. All the workers are protected also features from the risks of accident by this machine.

Why is AISI 304 stainless CrNi (Chromium) materials?

In the manufacturing of machine parts are used AISI 304 stainless CrNi ( Chromium ) materials. In this way, against water and chemical are provided resistance for whole system of machine by chromium materials.


Ergin Machine is serving in its own sector more that 30 years with its experienced staff ,and a leader in the sector with its projects and technology. All over the world, especially in Europe, Ergin Makina's products are widely used. ER 3000 Automatic Carpet Cleaning Machine has totally different technological features that there is no product similar to ER 3000 both in Turkey and in the world, so far. ER 3000 Automatic Carpet Cleaning Machines are always preferred by professional, ...



About Us

Ergin Machinery has been in industrial carpet cleaning machines manufacturing sector for over half a century and also became the leader of its sector with understanding of quality, reliability and innovation.  Ergin Machinery's factory is located in Pancar Organised Indusrial Zone, built on a 4.000 m2 work space. Manifactured products are: carpet washing machines, carpet wringing machines, carpet preparation machines, carpet dusting machines, carpet packing machines, industrial washing machines, hydroextractors, also other machines for cleaning clothes, designed specially for military and hotels. Also, for aquaculture: fishing net washing machines, fish feeding machines, ice breaking machines.

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